5 Natural Skin Care Tips For Summer

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5 Natural Skin Care Tips For Summer

Summer is here, and so are the common skin issues most of us face. Summer is one fine enemy of oily skin. Wearing a hat, and putting sunglasses covering our face with a scarf can protect our external part of the skin from the harsh sun rays but nourishing and preserving our internal part of the skin is important too. We tend to dehydrate during this season. Here are some natural tips to constantly protect, nourish and hydrate our skin and insulate it from the pollution, intense summer sun, heat, and humidity that cause many skin problems. Dry patches, over-secreting sebaceous glands, sunburn, suntan, pigmentation and acne.

Constant Hydration for Skin Care

hydration for skin care

The primary hack to achieve healthy skin during summer is to stay hydrated. Required Water should be consumed frequently to improve the glow of the skin. This is achieved because water flushes out toxins from our bodies. Accumulation of toxins in our body can cause skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and itching, so drinking water is the best solution to prevent them. The adequate amount of water intake for an average adult is 5 to 6 litres. If you do not like the taste of water, you can always add some refreshing flavours like watermelon, mint, lemon and other fruit juices to add taste and improve nutrient addition to the body. 

Natural Face Cleansing

natural cleansing

To preserve the brightness and radiance of the skin it is always important to exfoliate it. Cleaning the skin should always be one’s priority and especially during summer. Though the release of sweat does good to your body, the sebum formation can disturb your skin causing acne, blackheads and Whiteheads. Why disrupt your face if all these issues can be resolved in one step? Wash your face and neck often with cold water. We can use natural cleansers at home like raw honey which has antibacterial properties, oatmeal which contains anti-inflammatory characteristics to cleanse the skin, and yoghurt and aloe vera. 

Consumption of Fresh Fruits

fruits for skin care

Nutritionists suggest having seasonal fruits during this summer because they are dense with a richness of vitamins and minerals to boost the skin. Mango, known as the king of fruits, is a rich source of vitamin C and other fruits like Cantaloupe.

Citrus fruits and juices, such as orange and grapefruit.Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and Watermelon. Vitamin C is not only a source of energy but also maintains the flexibility of the skin. We also know that fruits detox and rejuvenate our body and hydrating skin is moist so, prevents dry skin and irritation.

Detox Juices to Cleanse the Skin

detox for skin

Look around in your kitchen and you will find amazing ingredients to prepare these detox juices. Cucumbers are no stranger to anyone and during summer there is nobody who doesn’t consume cucumbers. Cucumber is a perfect source of vitamin c and caffeic acid. Cucumber juice instantly brings down the heat in our body and rejuvenates the skin. Bitter Gourd juice is packed with Vitamin A which not only enhances skin but also improves eyesight. Other juices like carrot juice, buttermilk, etc. protect your skin from the harsh effects of this climate.

Vegetable Skin Care Face Packs

natural face pack

We know that usage of Natural face packs like Multani mitti, and Sandal powder nourishes and exfoliates the skin but various vegetable peels that we throw away in the garbage also benefit our skin in the same manner. These vegetable outer skin contain many nutrients that support our skin against skin problems like blemishes, acne, pigmentation and suntan.