Hypertension Management

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Hypertension Management

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Hypertension Management

High blood pressure, commonly referred to as HBP or Hypertension, is a condition where the force of blood flowing against the blood vessel walls is persistently high. To maintain good health, it is advised for individuals above 18 years of age to have their blood pressure checked every 2 years.

Through lifestyle modifications, such as diet therapy, herbal supplements, Yoga, and Meditation, we can help to reduce your risk of severe health problems, including heart attack and stroke. We aim to address the root cause of hypertension to help you achieve optimal health.



At Niraa, we begin with monitoring Blood Pressure levels. The normal blood pressure level is 120/80 mmHg. 130/80 or higher is considered elevated blood pressure or Stage 1 Hypertension, and 144/90 mmHg or higher is considered Stage 2 Hypertension which needs medical attention.

We suggest a proper lifestyle intervention for our guests at Niraa and begin with losing the extra weight. An exercise regimen is designed which regulates the BP by 5-8 mmHg

A specific diet called DASH Diet is served to our guests. DASH stands for Diet Approached to Stop Hypertension. The diet consists of Potassium-rich, low-salt food options with herbs and spices. 

We strongly suggest stopping alcohol and smoking. This can reduce BP by 4mmHg.

Our therapy sessions help you practice gratitude, reduce stress and deal with stress triggers.



For every 5 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure, the risk of developing major cardiovascular disease fell by around 10 per cent. Dinacharya for hypertension management at Niraa helps you achieve a normal blood pressure level with other benefits like:

  • Improving Heart Health

  • Decreasing Your Chance of a Stroke

  • Better Kidney Health

  • Improve Your Quality of Life


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High blood pressure increases the likelihood of other health issues, such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Our naturopathy therapists at Niraa specialize in treating hypertension.

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