Shrimathi Shantha Sudhir

Founder and CMD of Nira wellness

Dr Chunchu Sandeep

B.N.Y.S, M.D

Dr Chunchu Sandeep is an experienced naturopathy physician. As a wellness doctor, he has helped many patients recover from their health conditions through naturopathy treatment modalities. Dr Sandeep completed his Doctor of Medicine in clinical yoga and has vast experience in naturopathy healing practices. He has worked at various reputed healthcare institutions and the international cruise industry, helping passengers explore natural healing techniques and enjoy holistic health and well-being.

Dr Sandep’s knowledge of naturopathy healing practices was shaped and honed during his graduation and post-graduation studies at the esteemed SDM College Of Naturopathy And Yogic Sciences. Throughout the years, he has etched his name as a skilled physician treating patients from all parts of the world.



Ms. Rashmika is a certified clinical nutritionist. Throughout her professional life, she has helped clients enjoy practice healthy food habits and enjoy a happy lifestyle. Her practice involves encouraging people to adopt healthy eating habits that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a motivational speaker and a skilled dietician, she helps clients from all over the world to manage conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension and other disorders through good food and eating habits. 

Ms Rashmika is also the recipient of the Glantor X Empowered Women 2022 Awards and Asia’s Top 30 Leading Woman Award 2022.

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