Is Naturopathy Safe?

Is Naturopathy Safe?

“Naturopathy holds the key for prevention, alleviation and cure for ailment, to man and beast alike”. – Benedict Lust (Father of Naturopathy)

Naturopathy is a drugless healing system gaining in popularity globally, and Benedict Lust, the Father of Naturopathy, played a crucial role in it. Experts and practitioners claim Naturopathic treatment originated in Greece and was advocated by Hippocrates. 

In India, Naturopathy has its roots in Ayurveda, which focuses on natural healing and holistic health. Despite existing for thousands of years, Naturopathy and naturopathic treatment blossomed in India during the freedom movement. Influenced by the book Return to Nature by Adolf Just, Mahatma Gandhi started implementing the ideas and learnings in his life and encouraged his family members and the people at the Ashram to practice them.  

What is Naturopathy?

The term ‘Naturopathy’, derived from Natura (Latin for birth) and Pathos (Greek for suffering) suggests natural healing. It is a branch of medicine that focuses on the body’s inherent ability to heal itself without the intervention of any external force. As a treatment process, naturopaths and naturopathic doctors implement various therapies, acupuncture, massage and exercise in your plan.

Measures taken by Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic doctors follow certain principles to create personalised treatment plans. The principles are: 

Do No Harm

‘Do No Harm’ is one of the primary principles followed by Naturopathic doctors. It suggests that naturopathic doctors select treatments that are gentle and non-invasive. Naturopathic doctors guide you in making the right lifestyle choices to bring your health back to its original state. 

The Healing Power of Nature

Several pieces of research suggest that nature can affect our health positively and have the ability to heal us. In Naturopathy, all the treatments are based on nature’s mechanism, ensuring zero side effects and only long-term benefits. 

Identify and Treat the Cause

Naturopathic doctors do not just attend to the symptoms but talk to the patient to understand and identify the condition’s root cause. For treatment, the naturopathic doctors understand the person as a whole. 

Doctor as a Teacher

The term Doctor was derived from docere (Latin for to teach). In Naturopathy, the doctors help the patients understand the importance of keeping their body fit and healthy. Educating the patients about their condition will help them build trust and a better doctor-patient relationship. 

Treat the whole Person

Naturopathic doctors fully understand the interconnectedness of our bodies by understanding our food habits and lifestyles. The whole-person-based approach will help naturopathic doctors identify the condition’s underlying cause. 

Disease Prevention 

Naturopathic doctors believe in preventing an illness rather than suffering from it your entire life. That is why Naturopathy doctors try to understand the patient’s lifestyle and create a personalised treatment plan to treat the ailment and ensure that the patient does not suffer from this their entire life. 

Safety of Naturopathy 

‘Naturopathy’, as the name suggests, is a branch of medicine that believes that our body holds the cure for any ailment. To unlock the body’s healing potential, one must first change their lifestyle and habits and start believing in oneself. 

Naturopathy treatment is a prolonged process. It is not just about having the right medicines; it is a combination of therapies, yoga, exercises, changes in food habits and lifestyle suited to your body. 

Here are some reasons why people today are more inclined towards naturopathic treatment. 

Naturopathy is all about healing your overall health.

When you fall sick and go to an allopathic doctor, the doctor will talk to you about your symptoms, analyse the seriousness of your condition and prescribe you tablets for a couple of days. Even though the symptoms will subside, the condition may reappear soon. On the other hand, Naturopathy is a medical practice where the doctor, instead of treating your current condition, tries to understand the reason for this condition. By doing this, they will be able to identify the root cause of the issue and provide treatment to eradicate the condition right from its roots.  

It is natural, so it is safe. 

Allopathic medications are nothing but synthesised chemicals that show some side effects in the long run. Though it may provide you immediate relief, consuming them time and again can affect your body differently. As Naturopathy utilises the natural elements and uses various non-invasive procedures as a part of treatment, they are safe and do not have any side effects. 

You will have the best healing experience.

Naturopathy is all about treating the person psychologically, physically and also spiritually. Every treatment is a different experience for the patient as they will be able to identify how their body reacts to some treatments. The naturopathic treatment is not only about eliminating the health problem but also about treating any other underlying condition that may be present in the body. 

Best choice for the rest of your life

Naturopathy helps you to start a new way of life on a healthier note. It educates you about what is good for your body and understands what your body needs. Apart from that, with the help of naturopathic doctors, you can start a way of life that keeps you healthy in the long run. 

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Safety of Naturopathic Medicines 

Naturopathic medicines have been gaining popularity as many consider them as the beneficial route to better health. Naturopathic doctors adopt a holistic approach to treating patients and use various natural remedies that will help the body heal itself; some of these natural remedies adopted by naturopathic doctors include therapies, herbal extracts, massage, acupuncture, exercise and nutritional courses. 

Moreover, naturopathic medicine and naturopathic treatments are effective. Before prescribing the treatment, you go through the process of examinations, where naturopathic doctors talk to you to find out about your symptoms, age, lifestyle and eating habits. It helps them map a treatment plan according to your needs. 

So, by considering these, it is evident that Naturopathy is a safe form of treatment as it involves only using the natural elements with a combination of therapies, yoga, exercises and diet. 


  • Can naturopathy be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine?

Naturopathy can be a complementary therapy alongside other medications. By using naturopathy as a complementary therapy, individuals can achieve a more comprehensive approach to their health and well-being. 

  • How do naturopaths ensure the safety of their patients?

Naturopaths prioritise the safety of their patients, which is why they adhere to several principles and practices to ensure that the treatments are safe. To ensure the safety of the patients, the naturopaths go through this process. 

  • They assess their patient by including their medical history, current health status, lifestyle factors and individual needs. 
  • They base their treatments both on traditional wisdom and current scientific knowledge. 
  • Naturopaths undergo extensive education and training from accredited naturopathic medical schools. 
  • They understand the importance of collaboration and often work alongside other medical experts. 
  • Is it necessary to disclose all medications and ongoing treatments to a naturopath?

Naturopaths take a holistic approach to healthcare. That is why you must disclose all medications and ongoing treatments to them. This information will help them ensure your safety and identify the natural treatment that aids the healing process. 

  • Are naturopathic treatments safe for pregnant women or individuals with chronic illnesses?

Naturopathic treatments are safe for pregnant women and individuals with chronic illnesses. However, consulting a naturopath doctor is beneficial because they consider the specific circumstances you are going through and provide personalised care meeting your needs. 

  • How do naturopaths assess a patient’s health and suitability for specific treatments?

Naturopaths consider various factors before they provide a treatment plan for the patients. These are some common aspects that naturopaths consider during this assessment process: 

  • Naturopaths thoroughly review your medical history, including the chronic conditions, previous treatment and family health background. 
  • They conduct a physical exam to gather information about your overall health. 
  • Naturopaths recognise the lifestyle choices and environmental factors that play a significant role in impacting your health. 
  • They pay close attention to the symptoms you are experiencing and the specific health conditions you need help for. 
  • Based on the gathered information, naturopaths create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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