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Corporate Wellness Program

Uber exuberance, aggressive plans and limitless aspirations. This can be a summary of the life of corporate employees. Corporate jobs provide higher incomes, better lifestyles, luxurious apartments, and fancy cars. But it also comes with disadvantages like stress and no work-life balance.

It is nice to be ambitious, and successful and achieve the impossible. But, not at the cost of your health. We at Niraa suggest breaks are important. Not taking enough breaks leads to burnout and higher stress levels.

Experiencing Niraa

Why Is Corporate Wellness Important?

Corporate wellness can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved job satisfaction, as well as better employee retention, recruitment, and job performance. It can also lower healthcare costs for both employees and employers.

What is Niraa Corporate Wellness Program?

Niraa’s corporate wellness programme enables you to deal with stress more efficiently and strike a healthy work-life balance. We aim to provide your team with a unique experience that incorporates stress management, healthy nutrition, physical fitness programs and ayurvedic therapies.

Benefits Of Having A Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs provide employees with health and wellness benefits that can improve their well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. These benefits include improved health outcomes, increased job satisfaction, reduced stress levels, improved morale, and a more positive work environment.

Corporate Wellness Packages

Corporate Wellness

Executive Health

This package is designed for busy executives and includes a comprehensive health assessment, personalized nutritionand lifestyle recommendations, andstress management techniques.

Team Wellness

This package is designed for companies looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees

Corporate Detox Package

This package focuses on helping employees cleanse their bodies and improve their overall health. It includes a comprehensive detox plan, healthy meal plans, and personalized meals plan.

Stress Management

This package is designed for companies looking to reduce stress levels among their employees. It includes stress management workshops, mindfulness and meditation sessions, and individualized stress management plans.
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