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Maintaining youthful, glowing skin without resorting to complicated cosmetic treatments is possible. Nature and Ayurveda offer natural healing solutions to reverse the ageing process. The experts at Niraa suggest using healthy, natural therapies such as acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments, a vitamin-rich diet, and yoga to help people age gracefully.


At Niraa, we believe in rejuvenation from within and it starts with detoxing. Ageing is a normal and inevitable process of the body, but ageing of the body and ageing of the mind is completely different.

Reversing ageing needs organ-level detoxing which needs 7-10 days. We start with detoxing the digestive system. Gut cleansing clears all the bloating, acidity and constipation. Then comes liver detox, kidney detox, lung detox, and skin detox. Once detox is complete, the body is ready for rejuvenation. Dead and damaged cells are repaired with the correct diet and quality sleep.


At the end of the package, you will feel very light and fresh from within and your energy levels will be very high.

  • It will increase not only lifespan but healthspan.
  • Immunity power is enhanced.
  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Good metabolic rate.
  • Getting quality sleep.

Recommended For

  • Those looking older than their chronological age
  • Those who want to look younger

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Package Tariff
(per night)

Deluxe Suite

Single Occupancy

Rs. 11,999   Rs. 5,999

Double Occupancy

Rs. 23,999  Rs. 10,999

Single Occupancy

Rs. 12,000 

Double Occupancy

Rs. 22,000  

Super Deluxe Suite

Double Occupancy

Rs. 25,999  Rs. 12,999

Single Occupancy

Rs. 14,000  

Double Occupancy

Rs. 26,000 

Premium Suite

Single Occupancy

Rs. 29,999   Rs. 14,999

Double Occupancy

Rs. 44,999  Rs. 22,499

Single Occupancy

Rs. 30,000 

Double Occupancy

Rs. 45,000

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