• Guests must carry their ID proof in original at the time of arrival. Foreign Nationals are required to provide their passport and valid Visa.

  • At the time of arrival, the guests must bring the reservation confirmation letter sent by the centre.

  • The check-in time is 11 am and the check-out time is 11-30 am, beyond which a half-day charge will be applicable up to 4 pm, and beyond 4 pm, full day charges will apply.

  • The right to admission is reserved by the management and is non-transferable.

  • Application is cleared for provisional admission, and the actual admission to the Centre will only be given after the physical examination of the guest by our doctors. Visitors may be denied admission after the consultation if found not suitable for nature cur treatment.

Campus Disciplines

  • Please bring your medical history & clinical report, if any, for Consultation.

  • Every therapy and diet has its own specific therapeutic benefit. Therefore, personal choice is discouraged.

  • Therapies will be prescribed depending upon your clinical condition and for optimum results. Please do not delay or request for rescheduling, for that may lead to the cancellation of therapy.

  • Guests above 80 years of age and children below 15 years of age are not permitted.

  • Guests weighing over 140 kgs will not be admitted for treatment.

  • Guests with unstable heart conditions, pregnant women, crippled/immobile, and visually impaired people, patients of cancer, TB, or any contagious, or infectious diseases will not be admitted.

  • Some treatments will not be prescribed during the menstruation period of female guests.

  • Self-medication is prohibited. In case the medication is essential, the same should be declared to the CMO, who may permit you to use it under the direction of the concerned in-house doctors. Further, drugs or medicines of any kind in your possession must be disclosed at the time of arrival.

  • Tea, coffee, and aerated soft drinks are not allowed. Outside food and drink items (except fruits) are also prohibited. Food supplements and other treatment-related items are available at our Tatva shop for taking away if prescribed.

  • The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is restricted on the campus except, inside the guests’ rooms.

  • Alcohol, cigarette, pan, gutka or any other forms of nicotine are prohibited. Since taking such items on our Campus is a major policy violation, a guest may be summarily discharged if found using or in possession.

  • Guests are not permitted to go out of the premises without the permission of the doctor and CMO.

  • Kindly Do Not Bring valuable ornaments to the property. The management will not be responsible in case there is any loss of such valuables.

  • Avoid using laptop, mobile, earphones etc. during your stay on campus as gadgets will divert your attention from your health to other less important issues, and defeat the purpose for which you have come here.

  • Guests are advised to carry comfortable clothing like loose cotton garments (kurta-pajamas / salwar-kameez), sportswear (shorts, tracksuit, running shoes), and a swimming costume, and appropriate wear for the winter and rainy season.

  • It should be the endeavour of all to follow the rules and regulations, maintain decorum & preserve the sanctity of the place.

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