Dr Shyamarraj Nidugala

Managing Director (BNYS, M. Sc, PGD Panchakarma and MBA)

Dr. Shyamaraja Nidugala, a practitioner of health and wellness management from India, has developed ‘a holistic approach to wellness.’ Combining the best of Ayurveda, yoga, and naturopathic principles with contemporary medical practice, he has formulated unique lifestyle and therapy solutions.

He is a graduate of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru and a postgraduate in Yoga Therapy and Healthcare Management from Manipal University. He has received professional training in Ayurveda, panchakarma, and special therapies sponsored by Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

He began his career at SDM Naturecure Hospital in Shantivana, Dharmastala. Later, he served as a Medical Officer/Assistant Professor at SDM Ayurveda Hospital in Udupi and as the Chief Medical Oficer at SDM Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital in Pareeka, Udupi. He has been a consultant for holistic health for True Concepts Ltd., a multinational wellness organization, and has traveled to several countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He served as the director of Zen Holistic Wellness Pvt. Ltd. in Bali, Indonesia — an international organization that promotes positive lifestyle changes and traditional holistic therapies.

He has experience organizing several yoga and nature cure health camps and has published research papers in various national and international journals. He authored a book on holistic detox titled ‘Clear-Out – A Vital Holistic Detox Guide,’ a book on Yoga titled ‘Yoga with Therapy Technique,’ and a handbook on Yoga and Naturopathy titled ‘Simple Way to Better Living’.

Dr Arun Upendran G

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Arun Upendran G studied at Dr. MGR Medical University, graduating in Naturopathy and Yogi Sciences with a certificate in Ayurveda Marma and Panchakarma Treatment. With 15 years of experience in clinical Naturopathy and wellness roles across India and in other countries, he provides an understanding of the global healthcare system crisis and emphasizes the importance of preventive strategies in health promotion. He has gained knowledge in Clinical Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Epigenetic Modification Coaching.

Dr Deepthi Konamme

Wellness Consultant

Dr Deepthi Konamme is an Integrated Wellness Consultant with 13 years of expertise in Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, Wellness Nutrition, and Life Coaching. Holding degrees in Naturopathy and Yogi Sciences, as well as a PGDPM from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, she has served as a role model by actively participating in fitness and non-competitive activities that emphasize team sportsmanship, physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. She has conducted effective training programs for a wide range of clients, demonstrating worldwide client handling expertise. Additionally, she has designed strength training classes and led lifestyle management retreats.

Dr. Yash Rastogi

Yoga Expert

Mr. Yash Rastogi is a yoga expert who has achieved a milestone on the path of spirituality by exploring the inner nature of being human. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Yoga from Shoolini University and has completed his master’s in Yoga from India’s best yoga university, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya. Completely absorbed in his deeper divine intuitive power, he is dedicated to helping you bring out your natural vibrancy and serenity amidst nature. He is not only a good counselor (yogic counseling) but also a master of meditation and a yoga therapist.

Krishna Kumar

Senior Yoga Officer

Mr Krishna Kumar has vast experience of 11 years in practising various forms of yoga. He worked with the top naturopathy hospitals ie S-Vyasa yoga University Bangalore, SDM Nature cure hospital pareeka and Nimba Nature cure hospital Mehsana etc. He has completed his masters in yoga from No -1 University in yoga (S-Vyasa yoga University Bangalore). He’s a good counsellor (yogic counselling ), master of meditation and a yoga therapist.

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