5 Easy and Natural Weight Loss Tips for Summer

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5 Easy and Natural Weight Loss Tips for Summer

summer weight loss

We all often try different methods to shred some significant weight. If you are aiming to lose some weight, do it now this summer because summer is the apt season to lose weight quickly due to many reasons. 

Why is Summer the Best Time for Weight Loss?

Rainy or winter seasons turn us lethargic but in summer, we do not hesitate to wake up early in the morning and warm up our body and burn some calories. Due to the summer heat, your body stays warm and the blood cells are pumped up too. Your overall metabolic rate increases and this helps digest food better. Also, when you work out, higher metabolism helps burn more calories. The sweat glands are also more active during summers. Following are some tips to follow during this summer to achieve your dream fitness state.

Have Moderate Food or Mithahara and Avoid Oily Food.

moderate food

Having smaller and moderate foods helps in improving our metabolism and we tend to eat less food than eaten normally. Start your day with a wholesome, nutritious and heavy breakfast. Include fibre and protein-rich dishes in your lunch menu and dinner should always be light and packed with fewer calories like salads and oat dishes to curb gastric trouble. Consume fresh fruits, body cooling juices, dry fruits and nuts in between meals as much as you can. Try avoiding oily, deep-fried, sugary and excess calorie foods because they store unwanted and unsaturated fats in your body which leads to weight gain and digestion happens slowly in summer can result in an upset tummy.

Hydrate Yourself As Much As Possible. 

hydrate for weight loss

Drinking plenty of fluids beats the heat and subdues our hunger to avoid overeating. Add thirst-quenching and low-calorie beverages to your diet like buttermilk, seasonal fruit juices, coconut water, salty lemon juices, etc. These liquids also act as detox juices to remove excess waste in our body thus reducing weight.

Walking and Yoga For Weight-loss.

Sweat More Naturally

An early morning walk or mild exercises are recommended during summer. One does not have to necessarily work out at gyms and indulge in heavy exercises for weight loss. Yoga and brisk walking can be very effective in burning those extra calories without getting way too stressed out under the sun.

Avoid Consuming Carbonated Water.

avoid carbonated water

We often feel thirsty and dehydrated during summers. To quench our thirst, we are tempted to drink aerated juices, soft drinks filled with artificial colours, preservatives and sugars but they can harm our health and make us gain extra pounds. In addition to this, consuming freezing liquids decreases your metabolism and thus results in weight gain. Instead, switch to natural drinks like fresh fruit juices to hydrate yourself.

Plan a Wellness Vacation.

wellness vacation for weight loss

We already know how stress hormones trigger weight gain. Spend your summer vacation to flee away from all desk work pressure and utilize it to attain fitness both physically, mentally and spiritually at productive wellness centres like Niraa to enjoy nature. Go for a morning walk or evening walk to enjoy a fresh breeze instead of staying under artificial and room-confining air-conditioners. Exercising acts as a catalyst for dieting to lose weight properly. 

It is never too late to initiate a change. Summer enables you to reach your fitness goal faster than the rest of the seasons. So wear that fitness band and start your weight loss journey right away.