5 Best Healthy Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

5 Best Healthy Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

After a long walk under the scorching sun’s heat, we may suffer from dehydration or sunstroke. To retain from these conditions it is important to keep bodies cool and hydrated.

As summer is approaching, our dry throats crave healthy summer drinks to quench our thirst. Unlike unhealthy and preservative-filled beverages and soft drinks available in the market, We require healthy beat-heating beverages to rehydrate ourselves.

Following are some best natural energy drinks to refresh and rejuvenate our bodies.

Buttermilk – The Soothing Drink

Buttermilk is a fine body cooling beverage made by churning out the curd and adding some pink salt and water to prepare the drink. This probiotic drink helps in digestion and relaxes the stomach and helps to restore the gut’s good bacteria We can also add some cumin powder, mint leaves, coriander leaves, a squeeze of lemon juice or curry leaves to enhance the taste.

Mango Mocktail – Evergreen Aam Panna!

Known as Aam Panna, is a traditional drink in North India. This tangy and sour-tasting drink gives immense pleasure to our tastebuds. It is prepared with seasonal mangoes. Raw mangoes include essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Antioxidants and give immunity power.

Coconut Water – The Super Alkaline Drink

Coconut water is the favourite drink available in major parts of South India. While all other drinks are prepared manually, coconut water is created by nature and preserved in coconut shells. Coconut water is rich in many B vitamins and amino acids. Coconut water helps improve skin’s glow, hydrates the body and has several health benefits like decreasing the risk of kidney stone formation, soothing diarrhoea. This extremely cooling drink is helpful in many ways.

Watermelon Mint Juice – The Refreshing Drink

Watermelon contains 90 per cent water. This juicy fruit is beneficial if taken as a fruit as it is but if you are craving juice, you can prepare a wonderful drink using watermelon extract, mint leaves and rock salt. This wonderful drink not only helps in rehydration but also supports weight loss and is good for the eyes, heart and kidney. With absolutely no need for added sugars, this drink will keep you full and energetic for a long time.

Sugarcane Juice – The Instant Energy Drink

Sugarcane juice is a package of glucose, potassium, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants. This juice provides us with instant energy. Adding ginger and lemon to the juice can enhance the taste and also the health benefits of the drink. A glass of sugarcane juice not only help you quench your thirst on a sunny day but also gives you an instant boost of energy.

Other than all these juices, water is essential during peak summers. Water maintains our body, mind and skin healthy. So along with all juices, ensure that you drink an adequate amount of water to retain all the water that is lost because of sweat. Summer brings lots of heat along with happy vacations, so always remember to keep your body hydrated.

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