5 Easy and Natural Weight Loss Tips for Summer

5 Easy and Natural Weight Loss Tips for Summer

5 Easy and Natural Weight Loss Tips for Summer

A walk in nature relieves us from all the stress that is caused by greenery-deficit cities. The forest is such an ecosystem where nature is found in abundance. The scene and scent of swaying plants and rumbling leaves, sun rays peeping through the dense trees, sounds of birds and animals. The forest is the epitome of freshness because of its untouched characteristics.

What Is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing is a well-known practice born in Japan called shinrin-yoku. It means ‘absorbing the essence of the forest’. Though this practice originated in Japan, people from other parts of the world soon began to adopt the process. Forest bathing is also called forest therapy because of its enormous health benefits.

How To Practice Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing is not the kind of bathing that includes frothy soap bars or showers within four walls. It is a phenomenon of wandering in a forest and getting exposed to the nature present there and immersing ourselves in mother nature using every sense.  It is one of the wonderful methods to revitalize and rejuvenate. Precisely, Forest bathing is a restorative therapy from all negative effects of the tech world.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

Studies suggest that a simple walk in a greenery-rich environment can transform a person and help the individual to enhance mentally and physically.

1. Worry-less mind

The prominent advantage of spending time in the forest is escaping from all kinds of gadgets. While we admire nature, we are also erasing unnecessary thoughts, worry, and compulsive thinking. Watching the natural world around us brings joy and happiness and allows us to spend time with ourselves. Forest bathing subconsciously eliminates bad memories of the past and adds hope to lead a beautiful life.

2. Essential tree oil advantages

Plants and trees secrete a substance named phytoncide. This essential oil safeguards them from various insects and germs. The oil contains antimicrobial properties that may entail immunity.

Inhaling the natural forest air boosts the level of certain lymphocytes that protect the immune system in our blood. Our body utilizes these cells to fight against infections and cancers. Researchers indicate that there is an increase in the number and action of these cells in the

People who regularly indulge in forest bathing. Phytoncides also improve sleep, enhance good mood and boost creativity.

3. Lowering of stress

People who started forest bathing recently have shown a consistent decrease in blood pressure and a reduction in anxiety. This cost-effective nature medicine not only helps relieve ephemeral diseases but also chronic stress and other persistent problems.

Forest bathing is both physiological and psychological bathing which can act as the best alternative to other clinical treatments for various illnesses and ailments. At Niraa Wellness Center, located in Sakleshpur, forest bathing is a very important part of the wellness programs. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of Coffee estates, farmlands, and forest and near the bank of the Hemavati river and sun-rich clearings close to the beautiful hill station Coorg, Niraa offers a magical experience of living close to nature.

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