Arthritis – Symptoms and Naturopathy Therapies for Pain Relief

Arthritis – Symptoms and Naturopathy Therapies for Pain Relief

Arthritis – Symptoms and Naturopathy Therapies for Pain Relief

Arthritis or joint pain is a commonly caused condition related to deteriorating joints. Less supply of nutrition to the body, daily wear and tear and severe weight gain are the primary causes of joint degeneration. This happens when joint cartilage chafes away, and two bones rubbing against each other cause terrible pain. Arthritis is mainly caused due to the degeneration of Hyaline cartilage which plays an important role in the movement of joints. Naturopathy treatment for arthritis incorporates various natural healing techniques.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is most common in older people above 50 years. It can be caused by trauma, joint overuse, infections and other factors as well. Some of the preliminary symptoms of arthritis are

discomfort and swelling in the joints, morning immobility due to joint stiffness and joint sounds (crepitus) when moving.

Arthritis has negative impacts on all joints right from fingers to shoulders, spine, hips and knees and it significantly affects either of the sides.

Nonetheless, this kind of joint debasement can be ceased with the proper and immediate treatment in the initial days of arrival. In naturopathy, doctors follow Hot and cool water fermentation treatments along with joint safety devices and proper nutrition with appropriate amounts of rest which play the key role.

Naturopathy Therapies to Treat Arthritis

Weight loss

The first step and most recommended remedy for people suffering from arthritis are to maintain an ideal BMI and lose weight if required. Losing weight is a challenging task and especially for the ones in their later stages of life but shedding one gram of weight means less weight and less pressure on your knees. This results in joints moving more actively and freely.

Physical exercise

People with arthritis often misunderstand that they should not perform any exercises because it can aggravate the condition but specific physical   Controlled physical movement and specific exercise are greatly advised for people with arthritis, one can choose his/her easy and comfortable modes of exercise like brisk walk, or favorite habits like swimming, cycling, yoga or aerobics. Do not put yourself into intense workouts. Less vigorous exercises maintain active blood circulation and personal fitness. When pain rises, people cannot move and if there is no proper movement, arthritis is worsened.  It is a vicious cycle because of pain people don’t exercise and because there is no movement the situation worsens. Before beginning any physical exercise, consult a physiotherapist or a naturopath.

Soothing Massages

Massage is a systematic patting on the body done for healing. It alters skin, muscle, and connective tissues using hands, mechanical devices, or mechanical equipment. For people suffering from arthritis,  A mild massage with ayurvedic herbal oil containing medicinal properties is quite beneficial. A massage is even more effective when executed after the application of mild-temperature and tolerable heat bags. Massage is considered to be a great remedy because it eases the joints and helps release the pain. Hot fomentation massag and potli massage are highly effective in healing and reducing arthritis pains. Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture are also highly recommended for people suffering from acute pain as they are proven to relieve the pain to a great extent.

Heat and cold compress pads

Hot and cold compresses are quite productive when it comes to healing. A hot compress loosens up the muscles and facilitates blood flow. It can be done in three methods.

  • A must heating pad or warm towel is used as a compress.
  • Another easy home remedy is bathing with warm water or showering under one.
  • Sitting in moderate hot tubs for several minutes to relax the stiff muscles.

Cold compresses can be used to reduce inflammation or swelling. An ice pack or cool water pad can be used on the affected area.

Fresh morning drink

Constipation is not a single problem it also exacerbates arthritis. Sitting on our knees for long periods interferes with the joints. So, consuming Warm water and r squeezed lime juice is reckoned to take on an empty stomach in the morning as it eases the bowel movement.


Naturopathy assumes diseases or health issues caused because of hormonal fluctuations that are triggered by stress. Meditation is a powerful method for steadying the mind. Meditation effectively reduces anxiety levels, alleviates tension, and develops a positive perspective toward life.

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