Blissful Health – the Gift of Yoga

Blissful Health – the Gift of Yoga

The past few decades have witnessed a sea change in technological developments and innovations. As a result, people have started leading hectic lives, shuttling between home and work and desperately trying to manage their professional and personal lives. The long hours spent at work and taking care of other chores at home after work will cause energy drainage, and most of us will have no time or energy for productive work. The by-products of a hectic modern lifestyle include
  • Reduced attention
  • Internet and Substance Addiction
  • Depression
  • Lifestyle disorders

Is there a Way Out?

Most of us today are stuck in this endless loop of life and work. And we try living our life as it is without considering other options. But, in the long run, this can harm our body, mind and soul. This is why we need to consider the options that offer us a way out of our current situation. One answer to it is Yoga. An ancient way of life that is still prominent in the modern world, Yoga is one of the best solutions for most of the problems that we face. At its core, yoga is breathing techniques combined with physical postures (asana). Another element in yoga practises is meditation and mindfulness techniques, where you calm the mind and establish a better connection and harmony with the body, mind and breath. 

Why Yoga

Yoga can benefit the body in many ways. One of its notable benefits is that it helps you to be grounded and brought to the present, relieving your mind from depression and anxiety. It also helps in improving physical fitness and promoting overall health and well-being.  Niraa Wellness provides a serene sanctuary where anyone can practice yoga while being in the midst of the calming and soothing nature. We have experienced instructors who lead individuals of all levels on a mindful journey, encouraging body acceptance, mental stillness, and exploration of the profound connection between breath, movement, and consciousness. With thoughtfully crafted classes and personalised guidance, we foster a nurturing environment that caters to individual needs and goals.

Our Yoga Programmes

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga combines gentle yoga, restorative yoga, energy healing, breathing exercises and guided meditation to help balance the body and mind. This approach to yoga is suitable for individuals looking for a gentle and restorative form of exercise. This form of yoga is often used to complement other forms of treatment and is considered a powerful tool for improving the health and function of the body’s systems and tissues.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a vigorous and dynamic form that combines physical exercise with mindful breathing and meditation. This style of yoga involves a series of flowing sequences, or vinyasas, that are designed to improve flexibility, strength, and overall physical fitness. Power yoga is often inspired by the Ashtanga yoga tradition and may incorporate a variety of poses and asanas. This style of yoga is suitable for individuals looking for a challenging and physically demanding form of exercise that is also mindful and relaxing and is believed to have a range of benefits, including improving physical and mental well-being, reducing stress, and promoting overall health and well-being.

Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga, also known as water yoga or aqua fitness, is a form of yoga that is performed in a pool or other body of water. This style of yoga involves using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to enhance the physical and mental benefits of traditional yoga practices. Aqua yoga may include various poses, stretches, and movements adapted to use in the water, as well as breath control and meditation techniques. This form of yoga is often used as a form of physical exercise and is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Aqua yoga has various benefits, including improving flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness, reducing stress and promoting overall health and well-being.


Shatkriya, also known as shatkarma, is a term used in yoga to refer to six purification practices designed to cleanse the body and mind of toxins. These practices, which include dhauti (cleansing the digestive system), neti (cleansing the nasal passages), trataka (gazing at a single point), nauli (abdominal massage), kapalbhati (breath control), and basti (enema therapy), are believed to help eliminate toxins from the body and mind, including those that come from food, drinks, and drugs. Shatkriya is considered a powerful tool for improving the health and function of the body’s systems and tissues and promoting overall health and well-being. In addition to its physical benefits, Shatkriya is also believed to help clear negative thoughts and emotions from the mind, making it an important part of a holistic yoga practice.

Step into a World of Natural Healing

Niraa Wellness is an enchanting haven of physical, mental and emotional healing in Sakleshpur. With Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Modern detox, and Nutrition diet, embark on a journey that takes you to wellness and re-energizes your body and mind.

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