Connect With Your Inner self – Rejuvenate In the Lap of Nature at Sakleshpur

Connect With Your Inner self – Rejuvenate In the Lap of Nature at Sakleshpur

Connect With Your Inner self – Rejuvenate In the Lap of Nature at Sakleshpur

Relax and Rejuvenate at Sakleshpur.

Mother Nature has existed for billions of years, way before Human beings’ evolution. Take a minute and look around you. You can spectate the scenic beauty that is a feast to the eyes, the raw and divine smell of nature to satisfy our olfactory senses, the sounds of nature’s music to please our ears, and the touch of fresh grass and leaves to activate our nerves.

Our connection with nature explains our attitude towards it. Studies infer that a connection with nature and less interaction with man-made gadgets can improve the mental and physiological well-being of an individual. People in recent times are realized the significance of Nature and its eternal bond with Humans for ages and attempting to bring people closer to nature. It is said that the intense relationship with nature brings out our intrinsic nature and satisfies the inner soul.

Though all people share the same planet, they do not share the same planetary life. The Urban residency has alienated us from natural environments. We are so busy with our work lives or indulge in virtual worlds that we often forget about the real world our there and always forget to connect with ourselves. How do we cultivate an association with nature? Go out and encounter nature experiences like Sakleshpur.


Where is Sakleshpur located?

Sakleshpur is located in the western ghats (mountain ranges that spread from Gujarat to Kerala). It is a ‘top of the world’ hill station located in Hassan district, near the famous tourist destination Coorg, in the state of Karnataka. The sub-tropical climate and massive rains during the rainy season develop a habitat where various extraordinary plant and animal species survive. We can discover the rare kinds of flora and fauna here This is the biodiversity hotspot that includes at least 325 of the globally endangered animal species and 1000+ rare flowering species.

How Can We Connect With Nature Here?

Sakleshpur, derived from the word Sakala Aishwarya meaning ‘prospering wealth’, is one of those hill stations where you can naturally endure heaven on earth. It is a perfect escape destination from our busy humdrum of city life and routine hustle-bustle setting. It is the best tourism hotspot to seek peace from nature and enhance our connection with it. Following are the best reasons to visit Sakleshpur.

The infamous Coffee Estates of Sakleshpur

It is remarkable for its enormous Coffee plantations that are grown under shady trees with traditional methods to cultivate the best-tasting coffee beans using organic pesticides.

Surreal Spice Gardens

Sakleshpur’s atmosphere is filled with the fragrance of aromatic spices. Farmers here produce huge amounts of herbs and spices in unique varieties like pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.

Bewildering Valleys and Mountains

Located at the foothills of the western ghats, Sakleshpur offers a heartwarming experience using spellbinding views of valleys and green hills. Jenukal Gudda is the second-highest peak in Karnataka located near Sakleshpur and gives a blissful view of the Arabian Sea.

Bisle Ghat View Point

Surrounded by three mountain ranges- Doddabetta and Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha, and Yenikallu Betta, the Bisle Ghat Viewpoint is a must-visit when in Sakhleshpur. Enjoy an early morning view of the lush green valley separated by the Giri River. The forest department has erected a shelter for tourists to sit and enjoy the beautiful view.

Manjarabad Fort

This magnificent fort was built in 1792 by the Former ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. This fort was built for safeguarding and storing arms and ammunition. Its Octagonal design makes it one of the finest and most spectacular forts in the country and also offers a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges. One must visit this star-shaped fort to experience and learn about the rich heritage of the place and how the fort protected the Sultan’s army from the British.

Elegant Waterfalls and Adventurous trekking tracks.

Ambatti Gunda is the best trekking point for adventure lovers. This trail is very uncertain and promises to give an adrenaline rush to the trekkers. Have you ever seen an icy waterfall? Hadlu waterfalls can give you a fine chilling experience and delivers a panoramic view of Western ghats

What is a better way of connecting with nature than exploring God-created beauties? Visit nature and get introduced to a refreshing self of yours. Come, relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in the lap of nature at Sakleshpur.

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