Gerson Therapy

Gerson Therapy

Gerson Therapy

Gerson Therapy is a nutrition system in alternative medicine treatment involves specialized custom made diet therapy, detoxification treatments, and organic nutritional dietary supplements.

Gerson therapy activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself. This therapy program helps to regenerate an ailing body and bringing it back to health by flooding the sick patient with nutrients and adopting other detoxification modalities. The nutrients come from organic raw and cooked vegetarian food. Gerson therapy also stimulates metabolism, eliminates toxins, and restores sluggish waste removal functions of liver and kidneys. By using high-quality nutrition, increasing the oxygen availability, reinvigorating the entire organ systems with a well functioning metabolism, and improving cellular detoxification and its optimum function, one’s suppressed immune system, imperfect physiology, muddled mind, dysfunctional brain, and other essential organs are encouraged to regenerate toward homeostasis once again.

Gerson healing program is advantageous for overcoming all metabolic disorders and far superior to cancer chemotherapy. Statistically, for instance, chemotherapy boasts an overall remission rate on average of 12 percent (7 percent for colon cancer and 1 percent for pancreatic cancer) for patients first seen at early and intermediate stages of their illnesses, but the Gerson therapy offers remission success on average for up to 42 percent of its participating, largely terminal cancer patients.

Gerson therapy nutrition program works permanently, in a surer manner than all other known therapies, including cyto-toxicology (chemotherapy), immunology, pharmacology, roentgenology (radiation therapy), and other usual procedures provided by conventionally practiced allopathic medicine.

Gerson Therapy recommends a low-fat, salt-free, low protein diet consumption to supply the body’s cells with easily assimilated nutrients for strengthening one’s natural immune defenses. Gerson therapy diet includes organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables and many number of (disease specific) glasses of freshly squeezed juices daily, taken at hourly intervals. The organic fresh fruits and vegetables provide the elevated levels of minerals, enzymes, beta carotene, Vitamin A and C, and other antioxidants the scavenge free radicals, as well as naturally occurring phytochemicals that scientists have discovered are true preventers of chronic degenerative diseases.

No meat is allowed in Gerson therapy, all animal protein is omitted for the person who is ill during the first six to twelve week of treatment, and it’s kept to minimum thereafter. The diet is largely fat-free but includes some non-fat and unflavored yogurt, non-fat and un-salted pot cheese, cottage cheese, and churned buttermilk when available as well as flax seed oil.

“Research put forth by the seven time Nobel prize candidate Johanna Budwig, PhD of Freudenstadf- Dietersweiler, Germany, shows the omega- 3 fatty acids in flax kill human cancer cells in tissue cultures without destroying normal cells in the same culture”.

Gerson therapy helps in rebalancing of patient’s entire physiology, it reverse any conditions sustaining the growth of malignant cells and restore those cells dysfunctioning from other forms of pathology. Today Gerson therapy is being used by American Cancer Society (ACS), National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Heart Association (AHA), and so on.

Gerson Therapy Detoxification Program

Detoxification modalities include coffee enemas administered several times daily. The coffee enema enables cancer patients and all other suffering from life- threatening metabolic illnesses to eliminate toxic break down, products of rapidly dissolving tumor masses or from the healing reactions of formerly dysfunctional cells generated by the effects of the Gerson therapy. Coffee enemas should be applied in conjunction with the custom made diet therapy, juice therapy, and few supplements to enhance liver’s ability to detoxify rapidly and to avoid complications of enema.

Caffeine taken rectally stimulates liver activity, increases bile flow, and opens bile ducts so that the liver can excrete toxic waste more easily. Coffee enemas are excellent for preventive medicine as well as for treatment. It also helps in pain relief. It stimulates endocrine secreting cells which in turn produce antioxidants in the body.

As a further aid to detoxification and as part of the therapeutic component involving food supplementation, Dietary supplements are administered orally like potassium iodide, thyroid extract, liver extract, pancreatic enzymes, niacin (vitamin B3), and vitamin B12 are employed.

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