Post-COVID Rejuvenation

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Post-COVID Rejuvenation

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Post-COVID Rejuvenation

Post-COVID complications have become an increasing concern as the symptoms can be draining and sometimes deadly. They can affect a person's vital systems, including the heart, brain, lungs, and kidneys. It is important to understand that currently, there are very few people who have not been affected by the coronavirus, so it is vital to be vigilant and aware of the potential for life-threatening complications.

The complications of COVID-19 can include temporary loss of smell and taste, weakened lungs, neurological damage in some cases, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, thyroid complications, lowered immunity, and disruptions in tissue and flush systems. There has also been an increase in complications related to heart and heart attacks.


To aid those affected, our integrative treatment approach combines yoga, breathing exercises, Ayurveda, and holistic therapies to help guests recover quickly, build their immunity, and become physically and emotionally stronger.

Post-COVID Rejuvenation Package is a highly personalised package designed to provide rejuvenation to Covid affected patients depending on their complications.

We have two major goals:

1. Recover the damage in lung tissues.

At Niraa, lung tissues are recovered with the use of Naturopathic and Ayurvedic treatments like Urovasti, Nasyakarma, Acupuncture, and Acupressure. We include pranayamas like Kapalabhati, Nadishuddhi, and Anuloma Viloma, Surya Bhedana, Ujjai and Shatkriyas like Sutrneti, Jalaneti, Vaman Dhauti. 

Niraa also offers detoxifying treatments like herbal enema, herbal fasting, various herbal concentrates and special kadhas like Adusa, Tulsi, and Vetiver. 

2. Immunity Enhancement.

For immunity enhancements, we focus on Suryanamaskars, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Gomukhasana, Vrikshasana, Sarvangasana. We also include multiple manipulative therapies and herbal decoctions of Bermuda Grass and Brahmi.


The coronavirus weakens the immune system to such an extent that the body takes a lot of time, even after testing negative, to recover and build strength.

  • First of all, you will feel enhanced energy levels from within.
  • You will experience ease in breathing.
  • Any irritation in the body will disappear.
  • You will notice stable blood sugar levels.
  • Your immunity will strengthen.

Guests need to bring their complete medical history. Once our in-house consultants go through your reports and complete their diagnosis process, you will get your customised plan that will include the yogas, therapies, and diet to help you gain the Post COVID Rejuvenation.

Recommended For:

Even after testing, many negative patients suffer from weakness, shortness of breath, fever, reduced taste and smell, throat irritation, cognitive symptoms like confusion, forgetfulness, less focus, depression and anxiety, constant body fatigue, sleep abnormalities, and muscle and joint pains. Post-COVID Rejuvenation Package will help you heal from all the above.

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