Natural Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh this Summer

Natural Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh this Summer

Natural Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh this Summer

The thought of stepping out on a sunny day itself is scary but don’t allow the heat to win over you. In summer, if necessary precautions are not taken in this heat and humidity, we are easily susceptible to a variety of infections and illnesses. We are here to provide you with a few tips so you can stay cool and fresh in the summer. You should follow precautions like wearing summer-friendly clothes, hydrating your body, and staying away from the sun, to keep your body fresh and cool this summer. We listed some simple, natural, and useful tips to stay cool using Ayurveda. It involves simple methods to treat and prevent big problems which lead to an easier and healthier life. We are already aware that today’s eating habits and lifestyle create a lot of imbalance in body temperature, body equilibrium, and health and bring home a lot of health issues. The following tips are the key to spending your summer and opening the lock of chill and freshness.

Avoid Carbonated-Beverages

Sugary and highly caffeinated soft drinks are our first choice to quench our thirst whenever we go out on a sunny day but do you know how much harm they are causing to your body? Although soft drinks are consumed in a chilled state they entirely have an opposite effect on your body These chemical-rich icy drinks increase body heat because ice upswings the body temperature and also try to avoid coffee and tea. So if you choose to stay fresh and healthy, kindly avoid them.

Consume Body-cooling Foods

We explained which foods should not be taken during this season but we can’t leave you hungry. So, we listed out summer-suitable eatables to balance the body temperature, beat the heat, and stay fresh and energised. What serves our palate better than a bunch of delicious seasonal fruits. Fruits and their juices help you keep your body cool and uphold the body temperature. That is why we should consume more fruits. Ayurveda says it will have a positive effect on the body.

Also try to include green leafy vegetables, Milk, Coconut water, buttermilk, and ghee in your meals because they help in reducing body heat.

Workout to Regulate Body Temperature

Exercising our body burns calories helps in weight loss, improves muscle strength, and also regulates body temperature. So it is highly recommended to work out in one way or the other. Whether it is jogging, swimming, walking, aerobics, or some Zumba exercise. Let the sweat pour out of your body and get rid of excessive heat and toxins.

Stay Close to the Nature

A busy day and hectic work generates stress hormones and jeopardizes mental peace. it is necessary to relax both your mind and body. Get out of your house and expose yourself to the cool and fresh breeze from nature. Playing outdoor games is one simple solution. It rejuvenates your mind and freshens you up. It also manages body temperature.

Perform special body cleansing bath under the supervision of our doctors at Niraa

Niraa conducts different cure options for relaxation and body functioning. Therapies have many benefits. Diverse kinds of therapies assist the body in different ways. The most guaranteed advantage is the progress in blood circulation. This helps in controlling the body temperature. There are therapies like hydrotherapy, spine/foot bath, mud bath, ion detox therapy, etc

Attain Spiritual Peace

Try cultivating the habit of praying every day. Sounds religious? Trust us! Praying with a conscious mind helps in relaxing the mind and keeping the body fit. It also calms the mind down bolsters the heartbeat, enhances blood circulation, and controls body temperature.

Wear Summer-friendly Clothes

Dresses are worn to protect ourselves. So, we should also protect ourselves from wearing summer-inappropriate dresses. Try wearing light dresses as light-coloured clothes reflect the light away from your body to maintain your body cool. The best suitable colours are white, yellow and orange and avoid the black colour. Make sure you come out in clothes made up of breathable fabrics such as cotton to keep you cool. Keep your outfit loose to let the air inside. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes.

Go ahead and follow these amazing and useful tips to make your summer refreshing and cool. Also, blend some positivity and spirituality and induce them in you to experience beautiful summer days like never before.

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