Principles of Naturopathy

Principles of Naturopathy

Principles of Naturopathy

The main aim of naturopathy is to encourage the body’s inherent ability to heal and maintain itself. It focuses on the whole person rather than just the symptoms of the disease. Naturopathy takes a holistic approach which means that it looks at the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – in order to understand the cause of the disease.

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. It emphasizes the use of natural therapies to promote health and prevent disease.

Naturopathy believes there is an interconnection and interdependence between all living things and uses the same for the healing process. Instead of prescribing drugs, naturopathy works within the body’s natural processes to effect healing.

Principles of Naturopathy

There are six fundamental principles of naturopathy.

  1. Do No Harm

The first principle of naturopathy is avoiding harmful medications and treatment methods. Naturopathic treatments are gentle and non-invasive. In most cases, naturopathy does not suppress symptoms and aligns treatment with the individual’s self-healing ability.

At Niraa Wellness, we offer various massages, therapies, counselling, and expert advice to guide you in choosing what is best for you.

  1. The Healing Power of Nature

Nature is the purest pathway to healing, and recharging one’s energy. We, being a part of nature, are also capable of healing ourselves. Naturopathy recognizes and highlights the healing power that stays inert in us. The team of naturopath healers at Niraa Wellness try their best to fix the obstacles of growth, vitality, and improvement.

  1. Identify And Treat the Cause

Naturopathy seeks to find and treat the causes of disease, unlike other medicines that only treat the symptoms. This may take a little time, but the results are always good. Treating the cause of naturopathy refers to looking beyond the symptoms. It can be done by understanding the psychology and pathology of the person.

  1. Doctor as Teacher

The primary focus of naturopathic physicians is to provide education and promote self-responsibility. The doctor studies and tells his patient how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food, exercise, spiritual well-being, environment, posture, hygiene, sleep, and relationships around them. Following your doctor’s advice like your teacher will help with your recovery.

  1. Treat the Whole Person

Rather than cure a specific disease or any affected body part naturopathy aims to treat the person as a whole. Each person is unique and has a unique set of factors that lead to the disease that has erupted. Naturopathic treatment is affected by factors like environment, lifestyle, and physical state which affect the overall well-being of a person.

  1. Disease Prevention

Disease prevention is one of the most important principles of naturopathy. It aims at preventing and stopping the disease from evolving further. Setting rules for lifestyle and hygiene is a very important aspect of naturopathy and the major focus is on prevention and reducing risk and vulnerability to illness.

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The daily routine, therapies, and meals are all designed to help you heal naturally and regain your happy self.

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