Staying Healthy in Summer with Naturopathy and Ayurveda

Staying Healthy in Summer with Naturopathy and Ayurveda

It is the summer season, the time of the year we prefer to stay indoors if we can help. The rising temperatures, the unbearable heat and dry surroundings take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional states. However, in naturopathy and Ayurveda, you can find essential tips to beat the summer heat and stay healthy.

Niraa Wellness, situated in the hilly town of Salkeshpura, amid coffee plantations, is a naturopathy wellness retreat you can escape to during the summer months. The calm and cool Sakleshpura weather and specialised healing packages help you rejuvenate, revitalise and rediscover your health. 

Naturopathy and Ayurveda Tips for Summer

Naturopathy is a non-invasive mode of treatment with roots in ancient practices. Ayurveda is an ancient way of living that promotes a healthy and disease-free life. Here are some tips in naturopathy and Ayurveda that help you stay cool and healthy this summer.

 1. Consume Cooling Foods

The food you consume affects your body temperature. You should include more cooling and hydrating foods in your diet during the summer. Some foods you can include are cucumber, watermelon, grapes and more. Other foods include lettuce, spinach and other leafy green vegetables. You must avoid spicy, oily and heavy foods during summer as they can contribute to internal heat.

 2. Say No to Ice and Cold Drinks

Who doesn’t like to drink cold drinks in the summer? As refreshing as it may feel, refrain from consuming cold drinks or adding ice to your juices in the summertime. Cold drinks affect the digestive system by dousing the digestive fire. It prevents the body from absorbing the essential nutrients and discarding unwanted ones. Opt for room temperature water as it will keep you healthy.

 3. Eat the Right Food at the Right Time

A busy lifestyle has caused us to eat food whenever we feel like. But during summer, having food at the right time is crucial. You should have your main meal between 12 and 2 PM. During this time the digestive flames will be at their highest strength, enabling easier digestion. Also, if you follow the practice of skipping meals for whatever reason, it is best avoided as it harms the digestive system.

 4. Meditate

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice-versa. Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy therapists advocate mindful meditation to achieve holistic health. As you strive to cool your body, it is important to realise that cooling your mind is also necessary in summer. You can relax your mind by meditating, listening to music or walking amidst the soothing nature at the best naturopathy wellness centre in Sakleshpura.

 5. Rejuvenate at Niraa Wellness

At Niraa Wellness, we have the best therapies and therapists and follow the ideal Dinacharya with a sattvic diet. All this ensures our guests can recover and eliminate their ailments from the roots. Our wellness centre is ideally situated amidst the lush green nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city to offer you the best escape from the harsh city environment and summer. 

These are some ways in which you can beat the heat this summer and stay healthy. From healing packages to detox packages, choose from multiple customised healing plans to achieve physical and mental freedom from all your ailments.  Consult now.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What natural remedies are recommended for staying cool in summer?

Professionals recommend including hydrating and cooling foods in your diet, like cucumber, watermelon, grapes, lettuce, and leafy greens. Avoiding spicy, oily, and heavy foods can also help maintain your internal body temperature.

  • Why should I avoid cold drinks during the summer?

Cold drinks and ice can extinguish the digestive fire (Agni) essential for digestion according to Ayurveda. This could hinder nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Room temperature water is recommended to support the digestive system.

  • How does meal timing affect my health in the summer months?

In the summer, it’s crucial to eat your main meal when the digestive flames are at their peak, say between 12 – 2 PM, ensuring more efficient digestion. Regular meal times can also promote better digestive health and avoid digestive disturbances.

  • Can meditation help me cope with the summer heat?

Yes, meditation, along with other mindful practices, is advocated by Ayurveda, Yoga, and naturopathy to cool and calm the mind, which is as important as cooling the body. Niraa Wellness provides a serene environment conducive to such practices.

  • What wellness packages does Niraa Wellness offer to heal during summer?

Niraa Wellness offers a range of healing and detox packages that help you rejuvenate and restore your health during the summer. we ensure holistic recovery with therapies, a sattvic diet, and an ideal Dinacharya.

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