The Nourishing Mineral Water Therapy

The Nourishing Mineral Water Therapy

The Nourishing Mineral Water Therapy

Water is enriched with nutrients when certain minerals are dissolved in adequate proportions. This phenomenon occurs when groundwater drifts along with the regional groundwater pitch, dissolving available mineral rocks until it enters the ground as a spring or a natural pool. Mineral water can also be artificially made by adding the required minerals. Drinking Mineral water bolsters bone density and helps in digestion because it carries body-essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

What is Mineral Water Therapy?

In addition to maintaining internal body health, mineral water is also abundantly good for our skin. Well, I am not just talking about the drinking version but also the therapy version where we are either immersed or covered with sheets or cloth wet with mineral water suitable to the skin temperature. A eases cramps, body pains, arthritis etc., and helps a person to sleep soundly. They open the skin’s pores and hence improve perspiration which individually has several health benefits while the cold pack of mineral water reduces high fever and inflammation. The mineral bath at Niraa consists of Epsom salt (Mg So4) with some essential oils and the water is lukewarm for a specific period of time as recommended by our doctors.

Benefits of mineral water therapy

Though this therapy is not known for preventing or curing diseases but significant for various health benefits

Solace from pains

Drenching in warm mineral water can halt pain receptors in your body, to prevent or curtail throbs, soreness, and aches and this bath are useful, especially for patients with severe, persistent pain problems like arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Mineral baths are said to make a significant decrease in pain levels. At Niraa, most of our mineral baths are combined with therapeutic services like massage because wetting our bodies before a massage helps heat the skin tissues and makes the therapy more effective.

Clears Skin issues

Skin is the biggest and fully exposed organ of the human body.  The skin protects our internal organs and enhances the beautiful appearance of an individual thus it is important to protect it. Mineral water baths help the skin absorb various minerals and nutrients which help the skin to turn smooth and healthy. These mineral baths help to relieve symptoms of certain skin conditions like acne, oil breakouts eczema, psoriasis and dry scalp and resolve problems like skin redness and dandruff because of sulphur content in the mineral water.

Improves blood circulation

Performing frequent mineral baths showed a significant increase in blood circulation. Some studies demonstrated that people regularly immersing in hot water felt development in vascular health. mineral bath therapy provides an equal rate of increase in circulation to that of those who began exercising regularly around the same time.

Burns extra calories

A recent study revealed that bathing in hot mineral water frequently increases the metabolism and thus burns extra calories.

Gives relaxation

Spending considerable time in mineral water springs promotes cleansing and relaxation to both mind and body. This process decreases stress levels and anxiety thus preserving mental health.

It is a surprise to none if I say today’s lifestyle habits heat our bodies and mind like a toaster. So, keep all your business aside and allow yourself some time to soak in a relaxing mineral water bath.

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