How to Rejuvenate After Cancer Treatment?

How to Rejuvenate After Cancer Treatment?

How to Rejuvenate After Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It arrives unannounced and leaves an unrecoverable dot on one’s life. Whether it is breast, blood, prostate or ovarian, cancer is caused because of the growth of abnormal cells in an organ that dissipates into other parts of the body. It appears like a simple issue in medical terms but it oozes out the well-being of a person mentally, physically and spiritually.

Despite all the challenges that life gives to cancer victims, some of them face cancer with utmost bravery and accomplish survival. Kudos to the advanced medical technology for its diagnosis at early phases yet the treatment methods like radiation, chemotherapy and intensive surgery come along with some negative side effects. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy kills cancerous cells and some healthy cells too in addition to an unbearable burning sensation in the cells during the treatment along with fatigue, anaemia, loss of hair and appetite and many other side effects but being treated by some ayurvedic therapies integrated with general treatments can produce better results.

After successfully surviving cancer, patients remain in a vulnerable state both mentally and physically and with a fear of recurrence, unable to adjust to the abrupt change from their previous selves.


Naturopathic medicine is effective both during and after the Treatment. Naturopathy uses natural and safe therapies to regulate the symptoms without adding extra side effects. Chemotherapy can have long-term side effects on a patient’s health like burning sensations in hands and feet, cognitive difficulties, nerve damage, heart problems, etc. The nervous system can be aided by the B-vitamin complex containing sufficient B6 and B12. Nutritionists recommend a diet rich in antioxidants like lots of greens and herbs like wheatgrass and Ashwagandha which helps to boost energy and strength after treatment and enable the patients to recoup themself. Naturopathy does not just include diet changes but also lifestyle changes. Naturopathic doctors make sure that the food taken should be nutritious and healthy because Food is medicine..


Yoga has the power to heal both the mind and body. Yoga for post-cancer therapy is popular worldwide and countries like the USA conduct integrative programs to create awareness about yoga. In the year 2020, about 1,392,178 patients were diagnosed with lung, mouth, breast, cervical and blood cancer in India. Reports suggest that all of them had been under tremendous emotional trauma. Professional yoga trainers supervise patients to cure pains, traumas and gain fitness using asanas and meditation. Studies prove that yoga reduces fatigue, stress and enhances body functioning and sleep cycle and reduces the risk of recurrence.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is the blend of traditional therapy and modern medicine like providing chemotherapy. A professional therapist pierces very slender needles into your skin at particular points. It may alleviate your pain and nausea. It helps in reducing the dry mouth feeling if the patient is getting radiation for cancers in the places of mouth, head and neck.

Divine Healing

Spiritual healing is purely faith-dependent. Cancer survivors suffer from both symptoms and treatment. Though they become completely cancer-free, residual side effects left from radiation and chemotherapy last for a long time and negatively impact the body and the mind. The battle of life with cancer is one filled with enormous despair and uncertainty. However, the boundless grit and resilience of survivors ensure that there is light at the end of the tunnel. By having a proper support system in place, this journey of starting a new life altogether can be made smoother. A connection with nature helps in connecting with oneself, to look inward, emulating its strength and absorbing its peace.

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