Whole Lemon Vs Lemon Juice – Which is more Beneficial?

Whole Lemon Vs Lemon Juice – Which is more Beneficial?

Whole Lemon Vs Lemon Juice – Which is more Beneficial?

Who doesn’t love a glass of lemonade? Well, we all do. But how about consuming the whole lemon?? Not sure? Well, here are some interesting facts that prove that a whole lemon is way more beneficial than just a lemon’s extract.

Lemons are a wholesome package of citrus deliciousness and a wide range of health benefits. Lemon is a hybrid of sour orange and citron and is used in almost every dish that we savour. Lemons add taste and texture to some foods. They not only provide taste but also help in weight management. A glass of lemon water every morning works as a good fat burner but in all of these cases, lemon is squeezed merely for its juice. What we do not know is that consuming lemon as a whole fruit that is including its peel, pith, pulp, seeds, and juice can have enormous health benefits and we are devouring lemon in the wrong manner until now.

Nutrients of a Whole Lemon

We are all aware that lemons are rich in Vitamin C & E. Not just these Vitamins but lemon also contains peel, pith, pulp, seeds, and juice, and all of these wholesomely are rich in essential minerals like Potassium, magnesium, copper, and vitamins B1, B2, B6. Lemon seeds contain large amounts of salicylic acid, a form of aspirin that can help with pain relief. Essential oil made from lemon seeds is very effective for treating acne.

Benefits of lemon

Lemon is a powerful fruit that helps in reducing fatty liver and cholesterol, helps in weight management, contains anti-ageing and anticancer properties, cures kidney stones, provides immune assistance. It is rich in Vitamin C and impedes Collagen destruction which is usually caused due to vitamin C deficiency and old age and which can also lead to scurvy. Researchers show that if lemon is consumed entirely instead of just the extract, can produce better results. Lemons not only improve metabolism but also the citric acid in it gets rid of the accumulated fat in our body.

Why is Whole Lemon Better Than Lemon Juice?

Sometimes, lemon juice extract added in lukewarm water does not produce the required results and people mix sugar or honey and lemon juice in water to prepare a refreshing lemonade which is not the right method to consume lemon and does not help in weight management. This is because sugar destroys the good properties of lemon and reverses weight management. Reheating the lemon water can curtail the nutritional importance of lemon. That is why lemon zest is ideal for lemon juice. Nutrition experts say that a scrape of 1 lemon zest has more health benefits than juice made out of 10 lemons.

How to Use Lemon Purposefully?

  • Peel off the yellow part of the lemon because the goodness is mostly stored in this part and not the white part because it may taste sour. Add it to 250 ml of hot water and cover it for a few minutes then squeeze half a lemon and add honey to enhance the taste of the detox drink. This drink helps facilitate a good liver, reduce weight and acne but people with acidity are not advised to drink it with an empty stomach.
  • This miraculous acidic fruit when enters the body puts the body in an alkaline state. Cancer cells do not survive in an alkaline environment, that is how it prevents cancer. So, another method to use lemons in a better manner is to blend the washed and cleaned whole lemons without peeling, squeezing, or removing the seeds. Prepare a proper lemon sludge and have a spoonful of it daily. The alkalinity stored in our body helps kill cancerous cells (if present) in one’s body, skyrocketing our energy and improving the overall health and well-being of a person.

Most people unaware of the benefits of the peels, seeds, and pulp of lemon, usually discard them after extracting the juice. But now that we know the health benefits and miracles that every part of a lemon can do, we ought not to waste even a hairsbreadth of it.

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