The Connection between Naturopathy and Physiotherapy

In today’s world, almost everyone pursues holistic health and well-being and looks for healthcare approaches that do not require medication. That is why naturopathy and physiotherapy are gaining a lot of attention today. Naturopathic treatment emphasises natural remedies and addresses the root causes of health issues, while physiotherapy emphasises physical rehabilitation and movement.  What is […]

Importance of Naturopathy in India and what is it called in different languages

As a system of medicinal practice, Naturopathy has travelled far and wide and is accepted and practised by hundreds of people. Practitioners believe that Hippocrates, whom the Greeks claim as the ‘Father of Medicine’, advocated this mode of treatment. In India, naturopathy has its roots in Ayurveda, a way of living that originated around five […]

Is Naturopathy Safe?

“Naturopathy holds the key for prevention, alleviation and cure for ailment, to man and beast alike”. – Benedict Lust (Father of Naturopathy) Naturopathy is a drugless healing system gaining in popularity globally, and Benedict Lust, the Father of Naturopathy, played a crucial role in it. Experts and practitioners claim Naturopathic treatment originated in Greece and […]

What is a Naturopathy Centre? How to Choose a Naturopathy Centre?

Naturopathy is a branch of medicine that combines traditional practices and various healthcare approaches. Advocated by Hippocrates, it is a system of medicine that uses natural remedies and supports the body to heal itself. The term Naturopathy comes from the Latin word Natura and the Greek word Pathos. There are various reasons why people prefer […]

Is Naturopathy Covered by Health Insurance?

Naturopathy is a form of non-invasive medical treatment and follows natural techniques for healing. Naturopathy plays a crucial role in augmenting the body’s natural healing abilities. The foundations of this medical practice are based on a healthy diet, exercise, stress management and the like. Through the naturopathic mode of treatment, proper education is provided to […]

Is Homoeopathy the same as Naturopathy?

The world of medicine is quite large and includes various fields of practice. Two of the branches or fields of practice of medicine are Homoeopathy and Naturopathy. They have similarities in the way they approach treating a health condition. However, both homoeopathy and naturopathy have many differences. Let’s understand how these two branches share a […]

What is a Naturopathy Doctor?

Naturopathy is a medical system where doctors use natural remedies to help the body heal itself. The medical approach of Naturopathy was popularised in Europe in the 19th century. Naturopathy is different from other conventional medications. It combines various kinds of therapies and includes changes in lifestyle and diet. The concept of naturopathy is different […]

Is Naturopathy Effective?

Naturopathy, which is said to have evolved in Europe in the 19th century, is a medical practice that combines both traditional practices and modern healthcare approaches. Naturopathy is a system of medicine that believes the human body has the innate ability to heal itself. Though the medical practice of Naturopathy started in the 18th and […]

Health Conditions Naturopathy can Tackle

Naturopathy is a holistic form of healthcare developed in Germany and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Herodotus, known as the Father of Medicine, is believed to have used Naturopathy as a form of treatment. Natiropathists believe that understanding the whole body is crucial to treat the patient.  Today, people suffer from various types […]

Principles of Naturopathy and its Role in Unlocking Wellness

Naturopathy, also known as Naturopathic medicine, is a medical system or a form of treatment based on a theory that suggests one does not require surgery and medicine to cure an ailment. The term Naturopathy, derived from the Latin word ‘Naturo’, was first used in 400 BC by Hippocrates. Hippocrates believed that a patient must […]

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